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Vegetation Control Overview:

Computapole's Vegetation Control is a completely automated vegetation inspection and evaluation application. Our visual interface is intuitive so that your inspectors can focus on what they are entering rather than how to enter it. We start with the latest version of our Vegetation Control mobile program and from there customize the entire application to suit your needs.

Vegetation Control's interface allows for easily entering the data needed for keeping full track of all vegetation growing near your transmission and distribution assets. With the rising costs in the industrial world preventing damage to assets from vegetation and fire danger is more critical than ever. Our simple interface is laid out in an intuitive and natural way allowing your inspectors to keep their focus on inspection detail while being fast and efficient. Inspection mistakes will become a rarity because Vegetation Control checks all fields for valid data before saving the inspection. Vegetation Control will even take the user the field that was entered incorrectly so there is never confusion as to where the error lies.

Our detailed maintenance interface allows you to store detailed information about work that needs to be done. Track plant species, pesticide usage, trim schedule, flag danger areas and much more. Use Vegetation Control to schedule trimmings and other treatments. Protect your assets and keep them safe from the hazards of rampant vegetation growth.

Using GPS Vegetation Control tracks the locations of each inspection to ensure that the next time you inspect you can easily match last year's data to the actual vegetation in the field. Our GPS map shows your position relative to the inspected locations so you can select from all inspected areas nearby.

Computapole software provides disaster recovery from most any situation. Programs and data are stored on non-volatile memory with automatic daily backups and automated recovery procedures should system batteries go dead or be accidentally removed. Our mobile applications can be re-installed right from the memory card if required, eliminated any down time in the field. If a certain device inspector needs to continue inspecting on a different device they need only to take their memory card with them, no need to transfer files through a network or ship the device in and wait for a replacement.

PC-Side Application:

Our Vegetation Control application can be used as a stand-alone application or along with our PC-side Vegetation application. The PC program will handle all the data transmission, program updates to the device, and report generation. Our PC-side program can even handle inserting the data into a database thousands of miles away if needed. If needed our PC-side program can support generating new vegetation entries directly. We will customize our Vegetation application to meet and exceed your expectations.

Our Vegetation PC application is loaded with features that make your job easier. Take our Edit feature, using this you can connect to your central database and create new vegetation entries or edit existing ones. The layout is simple so it's easy to use and little perks like Windows Hot Keys and logical tabbing make entering data very fast. Need to enter the week ending date? Don't bother looking up a day on your desk calendar, instead choose the day from our mini-calendar that pops up in the program when needed. The edit feature takes record editing a step farther by including a full search criter1a selection. Enter more fields to narrow down the search, or enter only a couple of fields for a broad search. Our search and data load algorithms have been optimized to give you data as fast as your database server can send it back. It easy to make the changes to a record because our data grid has been extended to allow editing of the record directly on the grid. Predefined field values even have a pull down list right in the grid itself.

We will custom design your vegetation reports. We can make them look like existing reports you already use, or provide a new look and feel. With the PC Vegetation program all of your reports are just a few clicks today. No need to write your own queries to get data from your database, the PC Vegetation program lets you select reporting criteria from our simple graphical interface. Using the Vegetation program you simple select search criteria from our simple interface and with a click you will have all of your reports onscreen from which you can generate PDF or Excel documents, or simply press print for a hardcopy.

Installing and upgrading your PC-side application is as simple as clicking the installation file on your desktop. Using our PC-side software along with the mobile application makes updating Vegetation Control with new preload, program version, and database lookup tables as simple as connecting the device to your PC and clicking a button.

Mobile Key Features:
  • Fully customizable data fields--inspect and store only the data you need in the order and method of your choice.
  • Intuitive graphical layout makes manual reading virtually unnecessary and makes it easy to come back for next year's inspection cycle. Plus, the clever graphic interface makes training new inspectors easier than ever.
  • Provides full field validation--your inspectors cannot save their inspection until all fields are correctly filled in.
  • Utilizes the powerful and portable .NET Compact Framework and Sql Server Mobile from Microsoft.
  • Includes fully illustrated user's guide available in both printed and PDF formats that is designed to be used as both a learning tool and a reference.
  • Transmits and automatically preloads data via WiFi, Ethernet, 3G network data plan or through our corresponding PC-side application.
  • Full support including GPS location as part of the inspection process. Supports serial and Bluetooth wireless GPS devices.
  • Automatic backing up of your local database to make sure it is never more than a day since the last backup.
  • Support for Pocket PC, Windows CE/Mobile.
  • Makes inspection paperwork easier than it has ever been!

PC Key Features:

  • With fully customizable data fields, your software will only contain the fields and features it needs, with nothing else to get in the way.
  • Intuitive graphical layout for making quick work of learning to use the program and coming back to it in the future. Plus, the clever graphic interface makes training new users easier than ever.
  • Provides full field validation--you cannot save data until all fields are correctly filled in.
  • Utilizes the latest .NET Framework from Microsoft.
  • The capability to interface with dozens of different enterprise database systems including Oracle, Sql Server, DB2, and so much more.
  • Includes fully illustrated user's guide available in both printed and PDF formats that is designed to be used both as a learning tool and a reference.
  • Can connect to a mobile device running our Mobile Application to receive inspection data, transmit program and data updates, and preload data files.
  • Makes managing your inspection data easier than ever before.

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