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Computapole has been creating software to generate reports since we began back in 1982. In light of the recent array of corporate scandals the need for accurate and professional reporting is more important than ever. The best thing about Computapole reports is that they are custom designed for your application. This means that your reports are designed to look exactly like you need them to. We've built a library of advanced graphics routines that we use to make visually appealing and efficient reports. We can even take the reports you are currently using and make your new ones look identical. With Computapole you get the quality and professional reports you deserve without any fuss.

Generating reports has never been easier. Report generation is built right into your PC-side applications so you can download inspection data, load it into your database, select your report type and instantly build a query for the records you want to report on using our easy to follow interface. And our PC-side applications support printing reports directly or exporting to either an Adobe PDF file or an XLS Excel file so with just a few clicks you can generate your report, export it to a PDF, and email it as an attachment to your supervisor. It's that simple!

Check out some of the links below and see some sample reports so you can get an idea as to how professional your reports can be. To view an image of the report click 'view'. To view a PDF click 'Download PDF'.

You may need software to view PDF files.  You can download Adobe Reader for free here:
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Budget Summary   View   Download PDF
Maintenance Summary   View   Download PDF
Work Request Form   View   Download PDF

Pole Inspection

Test and Treatment   View   Download PDF
Weekly Summary   View   Download PDF


Pole Clearing   View   Download PDF
Activity Summary   View   Download PDF
Inventory   View   Download PDF
Work Request   View   Download PDF


Weekly Summary   View   Download PDF

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