Computapole began developing mobile and database software for the utility industry in 1982. During this time computers had not yet become mainstream and the utility industry was still gathering data with a pencil and paper. Dan Block and his colleague saw an opportunity for a business venture in automating the utility industry.

Computapole's first application was developed in California for the inspection and groundline treatment of wood utility poles. The success of this application in California caused Southern California Gas & Electric to mandate the use of this technology for all groundline contractors. Soon, utility companies across the country were being introduced to Computapole Test & Treat software and there was a rapid demand to expand the software programs to other utility maintenance applications. It wasn't long before Computapole was setting the standard for customized field automation in the utility industry. Since then we have continued to grow by continuously setting new standards in the industry. From field computer software to complete database development, we provide the necessary software, hardware, consulting, and training required for all forms of utility field automation.


We will take your data collecting requirements and develop an intelligent and efficient database scheme that meets your needs. We will then implement this system on the database platform of your choice. We can integrate this database with an existing system you may already have, or build a brand new system from scratch tailored to meet your exact specifications.


Which mobile device is most easily viewed outdoors? Which has expandable Bluetooth capabilities? What device is able to withstand the strongest impact? While we do not specialize as a hardware distributor we know what works and what doesn't for a wide range of utility industry needs. Simply tell us what you want to collect and we will find you the perfect match. We will then tailor our software around that specific device giving you a system of tools on the cutting edge of technology.


The heart and soul of field automation is in the software. We develop software specifically customized for your needs. You won't have to deal with features of an application that you don't need. Your software will be tailored to your exact requirements. Our program development over the years, with some of the largest utility companies in the country, has helped fine tune all of our field applications. We have over 25 years of experience developing software for the utility industry so you know you can count on us to merge the best ideas of our past programs into your next future program.


It is important that your automation needs are met to the fullest extent possible. Our programming consultants are knowledgeable in both programming techniques and utility field inspection practices. We know how to make the job in the field simple and fast, allowing your inspectors to concentrate on what they do best. Our proven track record with major investor owned utility companies across the U.S. is a testimony to our knowledge of the industry, and proof of our ability to listen and deliver.


When your customized system is complete and ready for deployment we provide top level training so that your inspectors will know exactly how to use your new system. Our applications are so self explanatory that an initial training session averages 4 to 6 hours and our customers have found it simple to implement their own training of new hires once the application has been learned. In addition we provide easy-to-read user's guides for our software so that all the information you need about your new software is right at your fingertips. We also provide email and call-in support for our products and a toll free number so that when you need us we will be there.

Cutting Edge Technology

One of our goals is to always provide our clients with the latest technology available, whether it is the latest software framework, mobile operating system, or database technology you can rest assured that you're dealing with the latest and greatest. Stick with us and stay ahead of the curve.

Customer Support

Perhaps our greatest single asset is our customer service. We make our applications so simple that technical support is seldom required, but when it is, we are always here for you. Support is almost always immediate and you talk with the person who designed and/or programmed your applications. This avoids having to repeat your question or problem several times over. Our customer support is based on the support personnel’s in depth knowledge of your application, not on some manual explaining what to try for certain problems as is typical with many other technical support sites. Custom software will always have bugs not found in initial development and test. We strive to fix and upload bug fixes within 24 hours, and sometimes within minutes when practical.

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