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At Computapole we are committed to bringing you the highest quality custom mobile software available. Our mobile applications are designed to operate as either stand-alone applications or as interoperating applications that work with our PC-side software. Because our software is custom you can count on it being tailored to meet your needs. From inspection and maintenance applications to timecard collection with production we have your industrial mobile needs met.

Below are links to information about just some of our mobile applications. Click the application title to learn more about it...

Test & Treat
Easily manage all of your pole test and treat work using our easy Test & Treat application.  Our dynamic interface adapts to the current inspection providing maximum accuracy and usabilitiy while remaining the most intuitive test and treat application on the market.

Transmission Patrol
This is our transmission/sub-transmission inspection application. This application gathers inventory and maintenance data, including GPS locating for transmission and sub-transmission structures.

Streetlight Patrol
Inspect your streetlight system to quickly identify all required maintenance or unsafe conditions. A complete inventory of luminaire and pole types allows you to identify requirements for current or future repair and preventitive maintenance. Preload GPS locations for system inventory validation and easy locating.

Stray Voltage Patrol
Test, monitor, and produce all reporting requirements for the Public Utility commission in your territory for monitoring stray voltage testing.

Timesheet makes quick work of logging crew labor and equipment use on a daily basis. This application has been designed specifically for use by utility crews. Use this for Time and Material contracts to generate reverse invoicing to contractors or combine with Tree Trimming or other application modules for Unit and Lump Sum contracts.

Distribution Patrol
Our Distribution Patrol program is a state of the art distribution line inspection application. Perform circuit patrols identifying numerous types of poles and inventory of equipment on each pole, recording detailed maintenance data with our simple user interface.

Underground Patrol
Underground Patrol is Computapole's inspection application for underground facility inspection of distribution lines and all related equipment. Using GPS Underground Patrol helps pinpoint the location of each facility for maximum accuracy.

Vegetation Control
Use Vegetation Control to keep your distribution and transmission assets free of hazardous vegetation growth.  Store all the information you need in this easy to use vegetation tracking program.

Record Labor and Equipment usage for your tree trimming crews. Specify labor types, overtime work, balance labor hours with production data. Store all the information you need for immediate invoice reconciliation using our Tree Trimming mobile application. You choose the data requirements and validation rules so you get the perfect program every time.

More Applications: Over the past 25 years we've developed many more mobile applications than are listed here.  Click the 'More Applications' link to see a larger listing.

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