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At Computapole we are always exploring new technologies and finding ways to integrate them into our applications. The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a network of satellites that allows you to determine a position on the Earth in terms of longitude and latitude. Using our advanced software modules you can find assets near your position without having to search for them. Select the asset from the map and you will be guided through our user friendly inspection prompts to complete your electronic forms. Whether for pole inspections, survey, audits, underground facilities inspection, streetlight patrols, overhead line inspections, you name it, our fast and simple graphical interface makes entry errors a thing of the past. Whatever your application needs we will customize data from your existing GIS system to expedite inspections on PDA, hand held or laptop computer systems.

We have developed mapping programs for both mobile devices and PC systems, each utilizing the full capabilities of their platform to bring state-of-the-art mapping solutions to you.

Mapping for Mobile Applications

GPS can be a great tool when used in the field and our GPS Map can be integrated into any of our inspection applications. We designed and built our map rendering engine from the ground up so that we would be able to customize it to suit your program's needs. Features like zooming, scrolling, expanding and automatic asset selection are just a few examples of how our GPS Map works for you.

Your inspectors can use our GPS Map in the field to locate assets near their current position and see them displayed on the map along with roads and street names. The inspector can then select the asset they wish to inspect and proceed from there.

The GPS Map can base its location on a live reading from a GPS device or the last inspected pole, any custom criteria you need. Like all Computapole software our GPS Map is tailored to meet your needs. If you need to be able to turn different types of assets on or off independently then we can easily integrate that into your GPS Map. We can take existing shape files that you have and preprocess them for use with your mobile application so there's no need to purchase new datasets. And because we custom design our own mapping software, no licensing fees are required to a 3rd party mapping company.

Mapping for PC Applications


Computapole’s PC side mapping software allows sophisticated analysis of the locations of your assets. Our PC mapping can be integrated into our existing PC-side applications allowing your inspectors to easily track their progress and allow them to plan efficiently. Computapole’s PC-side mapping system can also be used as a PC-side inspection application which your inspectors can run on a laptop or Tablet PC computer, bringing the stronger processing and memory power of a full system to the field.

When we integrate our PC-side mapping system into one of our applications it works seamlessly with its host application. Need to change the information for a pole you inspected earlier? Simply click that pole on the map and click the Edit button, now you can modify the data for that pole. Want to zoom in on a certain area? Simply click and drag, a box will follow the mouse cursor as you drag, then the map will zoom in to the region you just highlighted. These are just a few of the many capabilities of this powerful mapping system.

As with all Computapole PC-side software our GPS mapping system can connect to your existing data system. We support compatibility with dozens of enterprise data management systems such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and many more. Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have about our mapping software. Please follow the Request More Information link below to send a request for more information through our website.

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