Conducting utility inspections is no small feat, nor is managing the inspection data. At Computapole we make it easy. We custom design the interface of your mobile application to meet the needs of your inspectors so that inspections are completed as fast and accurately as possible. The intuitive layout of our mobile interface makes it a snap to breeze through the inspection "paperwork". Our dynamic interface changes as the inspection progresses to help guide your inspectors based on the data they have already entered. We custom design the visual controls in the mobile programs to make data entry easier than ever. This level of customization means you will get exactly the mobile application you need with all the features you want.

Computapole mobile applications provide the means to browse through the inspection data and quickly make changes to previously entered information. No need to step through every form a second time, simply make the change you want and quick-save your changes so you are ready for the next inspection. We also employ search capabilities that allow you to quickly find the record you are looking for. Using a GPS device you can even find the records of inspected objects near your current position. We employ smart indexing on our mobile databases to allow searches through tens of thousands of preloaded records in a fraction of a second. You won't have to worry about the last time you backed up your mobile data either, because our programs do it automatically and data is stored on non volatile memory cards which means no data loss should the device lose battery power.

We incorporate comprehensive error checking into all of our applications. Users will not be able to save their inspections until they satisfy the conditions of any invalid data fields. This, combined with our integrated quick help, ensures that there will never be anything overlooked and inspection mistakes will be virtually eliminated. And the capability to preload your entire company's system assets and even historical records helps expedite data review and entry for all of your field applications.

Mobile devices are becoming more and more powerful and with Computapole inspection software you can make full use of your device's capabilities. We develop our software by targeting the latest technology available ensuring compatibility for years to come. At Computapole we know that inspection requirements change and we build our mobile software around frameworks that allow for easy upgrading. New fields, new inspection types, validation checks and other features can be added to your application quickly, built on your existing Computapole application design.

Getting data from your mobile software can be as simple as connecting the device and clicking a button on your PC. Computapole mobile software is optimized to work with our PC-Side software for seamless transfer of data and issuing of updates. However our mobile applications can also act as stand-alone applications providing their data in the form of XML datasets or a text flat file with your choice of formatting. Our PC-side software can work with your central database system to preload your inspection data. Our PC database applications provide full feature support for creating and editing inspection records as well as state of the art report generation. Computapole mobile software, combined with our PC software, gives you the solution to all your data needs in one convenient package.

Computapole mobile software makes use of connected or Bluetooth wireless GPS devices to add a new dimension to your inspecting abilities. Recording the GPS location of the inspection allows our software to plot positions of nearby objects relative to your current position. Combine this with preloaded data and inspecting a pole or transmission tower has never been easier.

At Computapole we are committed to developing the finest custom mobile software at a great value. Check out some of the links below to learn more. Click the Request More Information link to request more specific information and fill out our easy information request form and a Computapole representative will contact you to discuss your needs free of charge.

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