Computapole has the knowledge and experience to design and develop a complete database management system that works exactly the way you need it. Whether performing full inventories, maintenance management activities, PUC audits, reverse invoicing, or monthly management reporting, our database systems will make your paperwork nightmares go away. We know that over time your inspection and reporting needs will change and your system will be designed with this in mind. With more than twenty-five years of expertise interfacing with dozens of utility managers and hundreds of field personnel you can rest assure you are getting a time tested program that works efficiently and logically from the very start.

Our database applications provide a powerful, yet easy to use tool for generating the reports you need from your field data collection. We provide custom report development with an "ad-hoc" query approach for building and storing an unlimited number of report selection criteria. Report layouts are custom built to your exact specifications.

The power lies in the software interface. Computapole Software interacts seamlessly with your database servers and is designed with simple menu selection styles. All you have to do is tell the program what you want and it will take care of the rest. This level of customization gives you an application that requires minimal training, is easy to use, and helps increase your productivity.

The intuitive design of our interface makes the process of report generation a breeze. Using our advanced graphics routines we can generate reports that look exactly how you need them to. We can even generate reports that bear striking resemblance to the reports you are currently using, adding your company logo or any other custom graphics to the reports to ensure that they are up to the most professional standards.

Computapole knows databases. We can design an application to interact with a database stored locally on your computer or even thousands of miles away on a distant server. If you already have a database system we can incorporate your new datasets into it. We have a framework in place that supports interaction with OLEDB supported database systems, including Oracle, Sql Server, IBM DB2, Sybase ASE and dozens of others. We also support XML datasets which can be used as a generic way for moving data between systems and can export data to most accounting systems including SAP, Timberline and Coins.

At Computapole we strive to deliver your software quickly, reliably, and cost effectively. Using a core set of frameworks as the building blocks we can quickly and cost effectively design and develop your system leaving more time for testing and quality assurance evaluation of each application. Not only are our PC-side applications efficient and easy to use, but they are also easy to install and maintain. We provide setup programs for installing the necessary libraries and files onto your system. When an upgrade is available you can install it with just a few clicks of a mouse. If your software system includes a mobile application then your PC-side database program will also take care of retrieving data from the device as well as provide automatic updates to it. If your security permits it, our applications can even be updated and send data transfers directly over the internet.

We are committed to providing fully customized quality software at a great value. Check out some of our other links to learn about some of our specific applications. If you want to know more about how we can serve you then click the Request More Information link and fill out our easy information request form and a Computapole representative will contact you to discuss your needs free of charge.

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